How to Make Jiffy Cornbread Better

Let's Start

Add Sweet Corn: Mix in a cup of drained sweet corn kernels for texture and sweetness. It introduces a delightful pop of flavor in every bite

Use Buttermilk: Substitute milk with buttermilk to add a tangy depth of flavor and a tender crumb to your cornbread, making it moist and rich.

Incorporate Cheese: Stir in a cup of shredded cheddar or pepper jack cheese for a cheesy, melty twist. Cheese adds a savory element that's irresistible.

Mix in Honey: For a sweeter cornbread, blend in a few tablespoons of honey. It enhances the natural sweetness of the cornmeal.

Add Sour Cream: A half cup of sour cream mixed into the batter makes the cornbread incredibly moist and tender, with a slight tang.

Stir in Jalapeños: Diced jalapeños provide a spicy kick. Mix in a quarter cup for a gentle heat or more for a spicier version.

Use Creamed Corn: Instead of sweet corn, mix in a can of creamed corn for added moisture and sweetness, giving the bread a softer texture.

Incorporate Bacon Bits: Add crispy bacon bits for a smoky, savory flavor that complements the sweetness of the cornbread perfectly.

Top with Butter and Honey Glaze: Brush the top with a mixture of melted butter and honey in the last few minutes of baking for a glossy, flavorful crust.

Add Fresh Herbs: Stir in chopped fresh herbs like chives, thyme, or rosemary for an aromatic touch that elevates the simple mix to gourmet levels.

Use Brown Sugar: Swap out some of the sugar for brown sugar to add a caramel-like depth and moisture to the cornbread, enriching its flavor profile.